Restrict PDF copy, print, edit with Restrict PDF Tool

Apply Restrictions like copying, printing, editing using Restrict PDF Program

PDF files have become the de facto document standard on the Internet. PDFs are best to store sensitive or crucial data. Sometimes users having sensitive data in PDF format would like to send their PDFs as attachment to some interested groups but in between hacking may harm PDF data by extracting, copying, modifying, editing, printing, etc your PDF data.

So, restricting PDF rights like: copy, edit, print, modify, extract will save & shelter your PDF files.

Restrict PDF is the most reliable program to restrict pdf settings so that users could shelter PDF files being modified, copied, edited, printed, etc by unauthorized user. Restrict PDF program has 2 password security settings:

  • Add User Password: With User Password option users can apply password into PDF file.
  • Add PDF Document Restrictions: With this option users can quickly apply restrictions to Adobe PDF so as to restrict PDF copying, printing, editing, fill-ups.

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This tool is perfect for anyone who require to restrict PDF file, protect PDF file and to secure pdf file against copying, printing, editing by another and unauthorized users. Process to apply pdf restrictions has become easier & simpler with Restrict PDF.

What Restrict PDF can do for you?

  • Add Password Protection to PDF Files
    Tool will allows users to put open Password on PDF so as user could easily restrict Adobe PDF from any other user who wants to open it.
  • Disable PDF Printing
    Software cleverly disables PDF printing options.
  • Disable PDF Copying option
    Program will disable option of copying PDF so that nobody can copy the PDF data.
  • Lock PDF Editing
    Tool let users to disable PDF content from editing.

Software Features

  • Apply PDF protection such as: Editing, copying, modifying and printing into Adobe PDF documents.
  • Program will lock PDF documents with permission & Open Password.
  • Adobe Acrobat reader installed is not necessary.
  • Tool provide very easy interface to lock PDF copying, PDF printing, adobe PDF editing.
  • Windows 8, 7, XP, 98, etc are easily supported by this utility.
  • Up to Adobe PDF version 9 this software works flawless.

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